Photo of the original building of SPEP, at the beginning of the XX century

Saturday night Milonga

Largo das Fontainhas 19


A little history of the place ...

The Sociedade Promotora de Educação Popular was founded on September 30, 1904, with headquarters in Rua de Alcântara, by a group of Republicans with explicit cultural and educational objectives. It was aimed at the community "to watch for our workers and dissipate the darkness of illiteracy, throwing sparks of light in the spirit of the working class."

It aimed, in essence, to promote a "free, secular and democratic education", that is, that aimed to "seek in the student the embryo of Free Man, from which develops the citizen conscientious, necessarily strong and good, honorable and hardworking , smart and cheerful. "

The educational activity of S.P.E.P. began in 1905 with the operation of a night school for the male sex, according to the João de Deus method.

In the academic year 1907/1908, the teaching is extended to the female sex, it becomes daytime and in the curricular programs there are elementary primary classes of Portuguese Language, French, Arithmetic, Drawing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, History and Geography of Portugal and Music.

In the academic year 1912/13 the lessons of English, Gymnastics begin the Night Courses for Ladies (prohibited in 1926 and reopened in 1953) and the Library sessions with program of led reading.

On October 20, 1931, the Promoting Society of Popular Education was awarded the license for teaching, and now operates as a first cycle school, providing for a maximum capacity of 200 students and possessing pedagogical parallelism.

Since 2011, it has been the home of the Associação Promotora de Tango Social project, which cultivates the Argentinean tango, promoting respect for the knowledge of rioplanetes's culture, and thus seeks to study and transmit the knowledge of this culture, keeping in mind the current social and cultural reality, respecting and valuing the traditional tango, where codes are a way to make milonga space a socially happier space. It is also where Milonga Promotora is held every month, a friendly and traditional milonga, and annually the Encuentro Milonguero A Promotora, an Encuentro that is an international reference.

A Promotora

Public transports that pass at this location:

Bus: 714, 720, 24, 727, 732, 738, 742, 751, 56, 60, 201

Tram: 15, 18

Promotora location, in public transports, is usually refered as CÁLVARIO 

Taxi is avalaible at Largo do Calvário just at 50 meters of the location