A little history of this place ...

Founded on August 15, 1885 by António Pedro, Ricardo Sestelo and Júlio Silva, the Academia Recreio Artístico is one of the oldest collectivities in Lisbon in full operation.

Located in the BAixa Pombalina, A. R. A. is a great pole of development of associative movements.

It has always been open to the cultural iniciative and has given up its facilities for philharmonic bands reharsals, and has given origin to other associations such as the Tuna Comercial de Lisboa and the Arcos de Valdevez County House.

Nowadays the appeals of the society are something different, but the Academia Recreio Artístico remains a versatile space and open to cultural initiatives.

The century and a half of history of A.R A. is a living fountain of playful and cultural associativism.

The construction of the Academy in the present goes by the memory and homage to all its members from its foundation, by its founding partner more representative and also recognized by the city of Lisbon, Actor António Pedro.

Since 2012 it is the home for A Todo Tango!, a space dedicated to the Tango Argentino in the heart of Lisbon, where the fusion between dance teaching, event organization and performance complement each other. A school focused on the well-being of its students, which aims to strengthen the dissemination of Argentine Tango in Portugal and beyond, with the aim of caring for the community and encouraging its growth. It is also where happens every week, uninterruptedly for 6 years, the A Todo Tango! Milonga.

Public transportation:

     Green Line - Rossio
     Blue Line - Baixa Chiado

Bus: 207, 208, 711, 714, 732, 736, 737, 740, 746, 759, 760, 783

Tram: 12, 15, 28

Taxi is avalaible at Praça da Figueira just at 100 meters of the location
Thursday Workshops
Afternoon Milongas, Saturday and Sunday

A Todo Tango!

Rua dos Fanqueiros 286