Sónia Aires

Paulo Bernardo

A Todo Tango!

Who are we?

United by the same passion, Argentine Tango, we created a school in Lisbon about 8 years ago, where the fusion between teaching dance, organizing events
and performance complement each other. We are a school focused on the well-being of its students, which aims to strengthen the dissemination of Argentine Tango in Portugal and beyond its borders, with the purpose of caring for the community and encouraging its growth. The unification of our experience in different areas of formation allows us to strengthen and revitalize the objectives that we propose ourselves every day.

Which Tango is ours?

As students of Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez aka "Los Totis", our proposal is to feel the tango in the most traditional way possible, a tango without "additives", something vintage, never losing the originality, harmonious and, musical. We try to honor the "old milongueros",
on a journey into the past without forgetting the present to which we belong.

What is Argentine Tango for us?

The Argentine Tango is for us, absolute surrender, overwhelming, unique and unconditional passion, only to be revealed through an intimate embrace,
regardless of the form we give to it.

Plans for the future?

"Stay in beginner’s mind. Never leave beginner’s mind, because in beginner’s mind, the possibilities are infinite."

This is for us, the true challenge of the lovers of this dance.

Who organizes  tanGOlisboa Weekend?

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