It as a passion with an early start: when he was about 23 years old, and the he became one of the first World Tango Champions, in 2006. Fabian started to study with Maestro Mingo Pugliese, keeping until today those teachings as the fundaments for his method to teach and share his knowledge. Also early, he started his “tour” of the most famous tango house in Buenos Aires, followed by the creation and direction of a prestigious show: “Corporacíon Tango” and the participation in the Copes Tango Copes, Solo Tango Show, Tango X 2. Now, together with Josefina Bermudez, continues to travel the world, invited by the most renowned tango festivals doing what he always dreamed of: living for Tango!

 Josefina divided her life between two passion: the contemporary dance and the Tango Argentino since a very early age (5 years old). Dancing in several dance companies and taking the stage with several Tango shows. Fortunately for us, Tango prevailed over the contemporary dance, and she now dedicates herself exclusively to Tango Argentino art. We may highlight some of the people with which she worked, such as: choreographers Oscar Araiz and Juan Corvalán, “ El nene Massi” and Lorena Ermocida. Today, together with Fabián Peralta, she travels the world, invited by the most renowned tango festivals, sharing her knowledge and charm.

Together since 2013 they are the embodiment of a virtuous and “clean” Tango, in “vintage” style where all the details matter. A generous source of inspiration for each one of us, where the technique, coupled with professionalism and talent, allow classes that make us travel to the golden age of Tango through the sharing of experiences and knowledge acquired from those who lived it.

Josefina Bermudez and Fabián Peralta, welcome to Portugal!


Josefina Bermudez and Fabian Peralta